marmassistance, Comments on 2016 and Wishes Everyone the Best for the New Year !

Dear Business Partners and Friends,  

As we are leaving yet another year behind, at marmassistance we would like to take this opportunity to reflect on recent developments in the sector. This year also marked our 30th anniversary and it feels like a pivotal time to share these thoughts with our readers.   

This issue, we look at some of the current global developments and our Turkish agenda. We will also examine our activities over the past year, and shed some light on our continued work following on from our prestigious company anniversary.

This year, an increasing number of terrorist events have affected not only Turkey, but the whole world. We at marm have observed that, unlike in previous years, terrorism has reached even more areas and cities. This poses serious threats, unfortunately, to the safety of some of our travellers who visit them.   

There have been wars for as long as we can remember throughout human history. War is never a good thing, but it is often considered a political instrument. Terrorism, on the other hand, is the practice of destroying, and it lacks moral and legal governing.     

The financial markets of the world economy have been increasingly negatively impacted by acts of terrorism, and the effects that are felt in the tourism industry, as well as the emergency services and many other sectors, should not be underestimated.   

Moreover, at marm we have witnessed that in those countries affected by terrorism, any interventions made by authorities and organisations that don’t have an understanding of the local culture and ways of communicating, have the ability to create more problems than they are trying to solve. Regrettably, morality among people living in those countries can be severely damaged as a result.  

This is why at marm we will always ensure we can provide complete continuity of service in order to help our travellers and customers following any terrorist threat or event. We intend to progress steadily in this regard over the years to come.  

Our strength comes from our company values, which we have bolstered over the years, and from our carefully selected network resources. For 30 years, we have ensured a consistent response throughout the ups and downs our country has sustained, which has served as a testimony of our ability as a company to maintain and adapt our services in line with relevant global sector developments.  

Through this advertorial, we would like to express our gratitude to our esteemed business partners and friends for always supporting the marm family throughout these challenges. 

Some of our proudest achievements to date: 

  • In line with our strategic goals, we have expanded further on an international level by setting up an office in the capital of Iran at the start of 2016. This means we are now serving Tehran and Istanbul with both travel and assistance services.  
  • In addition, we also opened our marm travel agency in 2016, which serves customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without any interruption.  
  • We are proud to continue to have all our business processes certified with the latest requirements, and our ISO 27001: 2013 Information Security Management System and ISO 9001: 2000 (2008) Quality Management certificates were successfully renewed in 2016.    
  • At marm we greatly value IT and innovation, and we continue to integrate IT solutions into all of our projects and the studies we conduct. For example, we have recently renewed our infrastructure and power plant system, and IT and technology will remain a focus in our studies.  
  • We have moved to our new head office after a year of preparations by our employees to ensure the optimum work environment. The process has also increased staff motivation and morale.
  • The marm Treatment Abroad programme was included in our business early in 2016. Standardisation, quality improvement and packages that confirm to legal standards will be provided within the scope of our services, which we will continue to develop. We can proudly add that our endeavours and plans in this area will continue in the New Year!  
  • At marm, we have always worked hard to create added value in all the areas in which we operate. In addition to our company initiatives, we recently also took part in projects that contribute to collective engagements, such as with the police and other services, both at home and abroad. The issue of Syrian refugees was high on our agenda and something we could simply not ignore, and we continue to strive to help all innocent people in this regard. To further facilitate this, as part of our studies we will carry on finding ways to improve our role in education for 2016. We will also keep on developing these areas throughout the next year and are always ready to cooperate with those services that are keen to support us and make best use of our own communication channels to achieve this. 
  • Our strong and consistent position in the sector has helped us secure solid financial results. Although, due to the contraction in key markets caused by terrorism and economic fluctuations, it is very important for our customers and business partners that we protect our market position, and we have continued to do so.  
  • Last year, we experienced increased activity on our social media accounts around our assistance business, and as a result we have brought in a new strategy. In order to keep our customers and travellers informed about any terrorist attacks or potentially dangerous developments, we now publish news via these channels whenever we can, and we will continue to develop our work in these areas. It would be appreciated if you could follow us through our social media accounts, so together we can make these channels serve our customers’ needs even further.  

Finally, we would like to communicate that all of us at marm will continue to move with full confidence towards the future. We are optimistic that we will maximize the effectiveness of our organisation and continue to write our future success stories, and are ready to evaluate our exciting journey in terms of new geographies, new business areas, new partnerships and new opportunities!  

We are ready to welcome tourists and guests from every region of the world and we want them to feel assured that we are the biggest guarantee for their safety. Our aim is to achieve stability in the regions we operate in by taking advantage of the peaceful power that brings tourism and people together. Side by side, we should make a stand and not let terror rule our lives.  

As we are coming to the end of this advertorial, we would like to leave you with a quote from Atatürk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey, who said: “Peace at home, peace in the world”. We would like to let it serve as a reminder that peace is the only answer to the problems we are facing in today's world.  

And on a final note, of course, we would like to wish you a very Happy New Year!  




marm’s Board of Management Visited Overseas Business Partners !

marm assistance Board Member, Ms. Berna Atac Okten and General Manager Mr. Mahmut Kadirbeyoglu have visited marm’s partners in Belgium, Holland and Germany in the past days. The visit started with ARC Europe, the leading assistance network platform in Europe. marm assistance is one of the partners in the network of ARC Europe Group. 


This visit was followed by ADAC, the largest automobile club in Germany, serving more than a hundred years.

Final destination was ANWB in the Netherlands, The Royal Dutch Touring Club. marm assistance has been providing assistance services for ANWB members traveling to Turkey for long years.

Meetings were mainly focused on the business plans and service assessment. The purpose of these visits was to strengthen and sustain the cooperation we continued for the next three years.

marm assistance Participated to ITIC in Berlin!

The International Travel & Health Insurance Conference was held in Berlin between 31.Oct – 04.Nov. It is organised by one of the most prestigious journals, International Travel & Health Insurance Journal. We had a chance to meet approx. 800 attendees from health and travel insurance industry.

The conference brought together medical travel professionals, facilitators, decision-makers and thought leaders for maximum interaction and meeting opportunities that serve the entire medical assistance value chain.


The conference provided us a chance to meet our bussiness partners worldwide and add new ones to our extending service provider network.

marm assistance sends good wishes and congratulations to all the award winners and appreciates their dedication in this joyful process.

Finally, marm team thanks to the all of the contacts that have been made during the conference and also to the gala dinner table guests honored the team at the gala night!

Roadside Assistance Services For Enterprise !

Turkey Branch Office of Enterprise, one of the leading car rental companies in the world, has recently signed a service agreement with marm assistance.


Highly experienced operational team of marm will answer the calls for roadside assistance and provide efficient solutions and roadside assistance services for Enterprise customers.

marm assistance, maintaining its high quality standars with its extensive service provider network and customer oriented solutions, is very pleased with the establishment of this cooperation. Enterprise Turkey commented on the collaboration saying that reliable and effective solutions provided by marm assistance will contribute to the value added to improve the experiences of their customers.  

Call Center Activities for Continental !

Marm Assistance has recently signed a service agreement with the Turkey office of Continental, one of the biggest tyre and euipment providers worldwide . Within the scope of the collaboration, Marm Assistance will support Continental users by providing call center services. Highly experienced call center team including good skilled tele-technicians working at Marm center will produce fast and efficient solutions over the phone and steer the matters that require further expertise to the responsibles at Continental center and dealers.

Mahmut Kadirbeyoglu, Marm Assistance General Manager, commented on the collaboration saying “Marm Assistance is very pleased that Marm call center representatives are  have become the welcoming face of the users of one of the most trusted tyre brands in the world. Marm Assistance team is well aware that customer support is a differentiating factor in many businesses today and by keeping this in mind, we will do our best to make Continental users feel that they have done the right choice by choosing Continental.”   




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