E-Document Platform: welcome to a world of paperless invoicing

E-document 1

Marmassistance recently announced its new “E-Document Portal”, raising the bar once more in its industry.

With the E-Document Portal, clients of marmassistance access each and every document with respect to a specific requested file that is normally sent to them via cargo; including marmassistance coverpage, savings tables, hospital invoices, proformas, medical reports, marmassistance handling fee invoices and other arrangement invoices. Clients can access all these with just one click.

With all the case documents and invoices automatically uploaded on the e-document web page , this portal eliminates the need for difficult, time-consuming, costly deliveries of invoices & documents via cargo.

Marmassistance Foreign Accounts Manager İlke Saglamer commented on the development and benefits of E-Document Portal, “We worked day and night, in collaboration with some of our clients, to come up with yet another innovative solution that will simplify and smoothen out reportings and transactions between our accounting departments. The E-Document portal is easy, fast, cost-saving and eco-friendly. With E-Document Portal you can say goodbye to waiting for invoices, scanning loads of documents, consuming and getting lost within tons of paper. This is the new age of accounting.”

Extremely easy to set-up and implement, the usage of password-protected E-Document Portal is built upon the premise of switching to an entirely paperless system. For those of you who wish to get more information, please contact our marketing department at


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