Marm Academy Hosts Hospitals, Produces First Graduates

Marm Academy, Marm Assistance’s new quality management initiative, has produced its very first batch of graduates following an insightful training seminar between December 14-15th.

The very first training seminar by our brand new Marm Academy welcomed representatives from the foreign insurance departments of prominent private hospitals in the Mediterranian Region, one of Turkey’s leading tourist hot-spot.

Following a warm welcome, quick introduction of counterparts and a brief tour of the company, the guests were taken to Marm Training & Conference Hall where the seminar took place.

The highlight of the day’s program – which started with a quick company presentation – was the step-by-step walkthrough of a medical file by Marm Assistance medical department.

“What’s been amazing about this experience was that we received immediate response from our counterparts. It was a two-way flow of information. Our guests collected information from us but also intervened and provided invaluable feedback at every step. Both our partners and we have a lot of work to do now, in terms of re-organize our ops in light of this feedback.  This interactive approach of Marm Academy is exactly how we aimed to invigorate our quality management efforts and I think we hit the jack-pot”.


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