Marm Assistance quality in the Middle East


The efforts of Marm Assistance to develop a superior service provider network are not limited to Turkey. Following our future goals and the needs of our clients, we're expanding our international service provider network into the Middle East. Because of our regional domination and comprehensive operational management capability through the geographical position of Turkey and the cultural and historical connections between the Middle East and Gulf Cooperation Council countries, expanding our network is a logical decision. Blending our successful network management formula that’s proven itself in Turkey with culture-sensitive issues, we have developed a region-wide network. This network is big enough to cover a crucial area and at the same time small enough to effectively manage country-specific cases in the local language.

Marm Assistance signed agreements with major corporate clients in order to arrange travel insurance for their project staff and executives that are sent to the Middle East. We've set a hotline for these people providing services in fourteen languages. They can call this line 24/7 in order to get assisted and receive service from Marm Assistance.

Marm Assistance has many years of experience in technical, medical and travel assistance and the expansion of the service provider network in countries that are difficult to reach makes Marm Assistance the perfect partner for current and future clients. With Istanbul as the hub Marm Assistance provides high quality services for a reasonable price, also in difficult countries in the Middle East.


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