Marm Assistance & Redstar Aviation bring an ECMO-administered 9-year-old patient from Kosova


On the 9th of October Marm Assistance received a request to transfer a patient from Pristina, Kosova to Turkey. But this time the patient wasn’t an adult but a 9-year-old boy. Air Ambulance missions that feature under age patients are already more risky and challenging. However in this case, the patient’s age was not the only challenge: He would fly with an ECMO implant!

The patient’s medical condition wasn’t so good: he was suffering from pneumothorax. That means his lungs were not functioning and therefore he had to get surgery.

As before, Marmassistance utilized the expertise of its sistercompany Redstar Aviation to plan and execute an air ambulance transfer mission from Pristina, Kosova.

As said before, this mission was a special and highly-risky one that demanded utmost expertise in aero physiology. An ECMO (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation) device which basically acts as an exterior lung and cleans & oxygenates the blood was administered on the patient.

This kind of air ambulance operations are very rare in the world and this was the first experience for Redstar Aviation.

Op.Dr. Erdal Taşcı, the attending physician, and perfusionist Mr.Tarık Demir flew to Pristina on October 15th and performed an operation there for over two hours to implant the ECMO.

After a successful surgery, Redstar Aviation flew the little patient back to their base at Sabiha Gökcen Airport and transported him via ground ambulance to the receiving facility in Istanbul, all within the same day.

Media Attention

Kosova’s national news channel, Klan Kosova also heard about this case and after the surgery, the crew of Klan Kosova visited the little patient and his parents in the hospital. Below this article you can find the link to the report, aired on Kosova’s national television.

Marm Assistance and Redstar Aviation were honoured to be able to accommodate this patient and we are glad to announce the boy is doing fine, although he is still recovering.


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