Marm Assistance & Redstar Transfer Dutch Expat from Iraq in a Co-Op Mission


On August 29th, Marm Assistance got a request to provide medical assistance for a patient in Basra, Iraq.  His condition wasn’t critical as he was suffering from a urinary tract infection, an uncomfortable and painful ailment.  For that reason he needed to go to a hospital and receive treatment.

The patient was a Dutch man who is working as an expatriate in Iraq. When he first noticed something wasn’t right, he went to a local hospital in Basra, Iraq to seek medical advice. The doctors diagnosed him with a urinary tract infection and started treatment and medication in Iraq.

Somehow, the treatment was not successful and the patient remained suffering so he wanted  further evaluation regarding his medical condition.

Having the condition treated in Basra was not possible due to the lack of necessary diagnostic and treatment equipment such as a CT scan. Hence Marm Assistance decided it was medically the wisest and safest option to have the patient transferred to Istanbul and treated in an aptly-equipped hospital. As before, Marm Assistance utilized the expertise of its sistercompany Redstar Aviation  to plan and execute an air ambulance transfer mission from Iraq to Turkey.

Redstar’s experienced team of flight doctors and paramedics went to Basra on August 31st, picked up the patient and took care of him during an approximately 3.5 hour flight to Istanbul.

Once in Istanbul, Marm Assistance took over again. The patient was immediately taken to a Marm network hospital in the city where he was diagnosed with nephrolithiasis (kidney stone). Additional therapy was performed in Turkey and the whole process was closely monitored by Marm Assistance. Following his treatment from which he soon recovered, Marm Assistance arranged the patient’s flight back to Basra. On September 5th, the patient flew back to Basra.

Finding your way amidst instability

Since Iraq is still a critically unstable, war- ridden zone, operating in such areas requires a lot of perseverance, patience and knowledge.

Both Marm Assistance and Redstar Aviation are familiar with operating in this region and have accumalated valuable knowledge and experience through 27 years. The unstable circumstances in the region necessitates continuous operational activity. Only this way can anybody obtain the essential flexibility to out-manouver any undesired changes which tend to spark instantly in this particular region.  Although Marm Assistance and Redstar have conducted  numerous co-op missions to Libya, Iraq and Egypt in the last couple of months,  with every mission to such areas, there is still much to learn!


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