Marm Mobile Roadside App v2.0 Comes to the Rescue of All Drivers


Marm Assistance has launched a brand new mobile application which aims to help drivers in need have instant and easy access to roadside assistance support.

This new application is the final addition to Marm Assistance’s rich set of ICT solutions.

In June 2013, Marm Assistance launched its new Out of Warranty Roadside Assistance Product. With this new product, Marm Assistance will be providing roadside assistance support to drivers in need whose cars are no longer protected with the manufacturer’s warranty.

Marm Assistance Key Accounts Manager Ozan Alemdaroğlu commented on the issue, “With this new product, we will be dealing directly and exclusively with end-users. In other words, this is a novel project for us, significantly different from our conventional business scheme where we deal with businesses. We’ll adress drivers only, so our work process needs to be even more convenient and direct. This mobile app is a supportive tool designed to render an easier and faster roadside assistance experience for drivers who request our professional and reliable services. With our new app, if you have your mobile with you, your car will never be left stranded.”

We know “where” you are and “why” you are calling us

A modified version of the Marm Assistance Roadside Mobile App introduced to car manufacturers in Turkey earlier this year, this new app is targeted to the end-users – i.e. drivers. Drivers can download this app free of charge, no matter what brand / model their vehicle is. After installing it on their mobile phone, drivers who confront a breakdown will be able to contact Marm Alarm Center with a single click and request any roadside assistance services they require on a 24/7 basis.

The app utilizes the GPS capability of the phone and asks the driver the reason of the breakdown before he/she contacts Marm Alarm Center. This way, Marm Assistance operators will know “where” the driver is and “why” she/he is calling in advance.

Marm mobile application is available free of charge on Google Play and Apple AppStore.


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