Marmassistance Quality Management and Training Unit

Quality management

As a 7/24 company operating according to ISO 9001 – 2008 quality standards, Marmassistance always aims to upgrade its service quality to a brand new level.

In 2013, Marmassistance append a new action to the existing ones by creating a training unit under the Human Resource and Quality Management Department. The main mission of this unit is to monitor the Call Center operations and define a proper training program for the dispachers in order to optimize operational services of Marmassistance and track customer requests better.

First of all, Marmassistance Training Unit monitors certain calls placed in English and Turkish to evaluate the Marmassistance agents in terms of accessibility, conversational skills and validity of provided information.Following this, relevant actions are taken and appropriate training programs are designed accordingly. According to this quality control method and training program, Marmassistance Alarm Center reached 97.25% in service levels (answered calls) and 96.35% (answered within 20 sec ) service quota level in 2013.

Monitoring these calls to reach first hand datas and convert them to answer the  needs of our clients, Training Unit also shares the results with operational departments in order to achieve a higher customer satisfaction rate.

Another responsibility of the Training Unit is to generate monthly, customer-based statistical reports of all inbound/ outbound calls. Total number of calls, number of agents arranged for each customer/ account are easily monitored. Besides the monthly reports, weekly and daily reports significantly help identify the workload and rearrange new tasks among the staff. This way, Marmassistance possesses stronger control and flexibility over the operational process and rapidly upgrades its service quality.

Marmassistance Human Resources and Quality Management Director Neslihan Özyalçın says “In the last years, our Alarm Center has been growing in accordance with our expanding customer portfolio. To meet the needs of customers, we decided to form a dedicated team to concentrate on quality management and training programs. Working together with operational departments, this unit aims to increase our service quality and customer satisfaction. While being fairly new, this unit has already proved its credibility and contribution to our organization”


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