Redstar Aviation and Marm Assistance rescue expat out of Kazakhstan

RSA aircraft

The rapid, efficient and professional action redstar and marm put forth in the repatriation of an expat in Kazakhstan who had a critical medical condition, generated a positive reaction by the client and all who were engaged in the repatriation mission. The mission was to transfer the expat out of Atyrau,Kazakhstan to Istanbul, Turkey. The entire repatriation went smooth with no glitches from the beginning to the end. The patient was admitted to a hospital in Istanbul and the medical team that was present in the redstar fully equipped air-ambulance aircraft BAE Jetstream 32 EP even visited the patient in the hospital to follow up on his medical treatment. Expertise and quality was felt throughout the entire mission and the patient was discharged and went back to England earlier last week.

The patient had multiple issues: Pleural effusion, diffuse left lung pneumonia, respiratory distress, new onset atrial fibrillation, near hypovolemic shock, severe hypokalemia

Marmassistance and Redstar contacted the hospitals and approved admission within 5 mins of initial request. The final quote was given in less than an hour. Following, the authorization to begin evacuation was given within 2 hours from the initial request. It was a very rapid process.

The medical team contacted the treating physcian in Kazakhstan to receive the most up-to-date information on the patient in order to prepare adequately for the mission.

The flight plan was as follows:

  • Istanbul, Turkey – Atyrau, Kazakhstan (1100 nautical miles, 4h 30min non stop flight)
  • Atyrau, Kazakhstan –Istanbul, Turkey (1150 nautical miles, 5 hours)

Redstar aircraft BAE Jetstream 32 EP took off in the morning of 12.02.2013, and sucessfully returned home the same day to deliver the patient to the hospital safely. The patient’s treatment for Khypovolemia, hypokalemia and respiratory distress continued in the air ambulance, and neither any break nor any disruption in the treatment process occured. In the end, the patient was delivered and admitted to the ICU in the hospital.

The patient recovered remarkably in Istanbul. He was then discharged and transfered back to UK safely.


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