Employee Assistance Program

Customized Solutions

Through marmassistance Employee Assistance Program, we aim to relieve the tension between professional and personal lives of today's stressed employees, promoting a highly-efficient and peaceful business environment for both employees and employers.


21st century society has taken the modern manufacturing and service sectors to hitherto unprecedented levels . Although employees try vigorously to keep their professional and personal lives separate, it is increasingly difficult to prevent the interaction between. Each individual is dealing with responsibilities in life and in the workplace in his/her own ways. The tension that arises from trying to balance these two different spheres affects the efficiency of each individual negatively. Ensuingly, complaints concerning ‘’harmony and communication’’ , ‘’stress and depression’’ in the work place have increased dramatically.

That’s exactly the point where we aim to help you through marmassistance Employee Assistance Program. Focused on the professional sphere, marm EAP consists of a set of services for individuals and institutions. The goal is to improve the work performance of employees through determining their individual problems, providing them with solutions and increasing their satisfaction and productivity in workplace.

Below you can find some of the benefits of the E.A.P.  ;

  • Psychological Support and Consulting
  • Personal Development Consulting
  • Stress and Crisis Situation Management
  • Counseling Addiction İssues (Alcohol, Drugs, Food, Games, etc.)
  • Consultancy in human relationships at home and at work

marmassistance bears you  a hand any time. You can contact us and request face to face, over-the-phone or e-mail assistance. Your identity will be kept anonymous at all times.


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