Expat Assistance

Customized Solutions

marmassistance Expat Assistance program caters the needs of international organizations who employ personnel  in Turkey for extended periods of time.

Turkey is an emerging economy that attracts more and more international investment every other day. Subsequently the number of expats who live and work in Turkey has been and continue to be on the rise.

For these growing number of expats, your members, living in a foreign country, Turkey, used to mean a difficult transition period where they had to learn about and adapt to a completely different lifestyle, culture and language. Serious concerns about health and safety usually followed.

With our marmassistance Expat Assistance program, this is no longer the case. Taking into consideration the individual profile of the members, we tailor unique packages that address their specific needs, combining first-in-class assistance services with practical concierge services.

marmassistance Expat Assistance program acts as a patron that provides them and their families medial and vehicle assistance cover at any undesired incident. Furthermore with our concierge services they organize their life and live the life they were accustomed to back at home.

As a result expats covered by our marmassistance Expat Assistance program live with ultimate comfort and peace-of-mind. They receive top-of-the-line assistance services and enjoy a highly productive professional life in Turkey.

marmassistance Expat Assistance Program

  • Medical Assistance
  • Vehicle Assistance
  • Travel Assistance
  • Organizational Assistance
  • Legal Assistance
  • Lifestyle Assistance
  • Home Assistance


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