Hajj and Umrah Assistance

Customized Solutions

With 30 years of experience in international patient facilitation and enhanced service provider network, we provide 24/7 assistance services for pilgrims in their hajj and umrah trips. 


Those who wish to enjoy the peace-of-mind of a healthy and comfortable pilgrimage are welcome to choose any one of our assistance packages.

Within assistance services, pilgrims will be able to receive support before and during their trip. Our services include the 24/7 provision of emergency medical treatment, hospital arrangements, lost luggage claims, Alarm Center support, trip & visa consultancy and air ambulance arrangements.

We offer our Hajj & Umrah Assistance packages to companies, associations and banks (customer loyalty programs) next to end-users.

Below you can find some of the benefits of our assistance packages

  • 24/7 Trip Consultancy
  • 24/7 Visa Consultancy
  • 24/7 Medical Consultancy
  • Air Ambulance Arrangement
  • Medical Assurance Package
  • Personal Support Line (Arabic, English and Turkish)
  • Missing Person Support Line
  • Bag & Wallet Renewal
  • Communication for loss/theft notification
  • Legal Consultancy and Legal Expense Cover


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